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Uncle Tom Zulus?

Uncle Toms or interested in power for themselves? You make the call, but recent news reports have included startling evidence of the South African government providing weapons and cover for Inkatha's violent attacks against ANC supporters. Why would to government do that? To prevent elections and to continue white rule. Why would Inkatha do that? Power, plain and simple.

According to a NYT article appearing on Saturday, special governmental "units that are set up by a government that thinks it's at war, and these units are given special tasks to assist political parties, to undermine parties, to move weapons. 'They have the tacit blessing of their masters, but they work on the basis of plausible deniability. They are set up, given secret funds, but they are not controlled thereafter. This is Oliver North. This is the CIA and the American Special Forces in Central America and Southeast Asia.'"

These units have operated as part of the official effort to maintain apartheid at any costs, with their efforts ranging from "nailing a monkey fetus to the door of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the outspoken Anglican prelate, to killing a number of prominent opponents of apartheid".

Friction between Inkatha and the ANC gave these units more to work with. "According to the report released on Friday, beginning at least by 1989, a police network was funneling automatic rifles and grenades to Inkatha, training its hit squads, and helping plan attacks.

"The report provides few specifics, but says that the police officials, using black policeman and Inkatha members, launched assaults from hostels, terrorized black commuters on local trains, and organized hit squads.

"In the Zulu homeland, the South African Police saboteurs worked closely with the homeland police force that was already in effect a partisan army for Inkatha."

Lest we forget, it's no different than the COINTELPRO effort run by the FBI against King, Malcolm X, the Black Panthers and the US Organization back in the 1960's and 1970's. I wonder if South Africa will actually be able to negotiate the momentous transition currently underway without falling into civil war. If not, and this is the unfortunate part, that is exactly what some white and black apartheid supporters (or beneficiaries of apartheid) have been fighting for!

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Meanderings 1.01 -- March 20, 1994