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Republicans and Whitewater

Last Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer contains an excellent cartoon. Big fat elephant stands at the edge of a cliff high above the clouds (or is it the edge of the world?) wearing a little navy cap with "G.O.P." written on it. The elephant has a wicked grin on its face, and holds a single "Whitewater" feather with its trunk. The thought bubble says, "I CAN _FLY_!"

Now I don't know what the ultimate result of Whitewater will be. And I am pretty critical of the Clinton Administration (Lani Guinier, for example). But the republicans seem to have absolutely nothing, I mean NOTHING going on, except their hopes for a Whitewater debacle. I hope the Dems get their act together enough to pass serious health reform legislation!.

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Meanderings 1.01 -- March 20, 1994