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Cuda Brown here with some notes on this week's issue. We received a little mail this week, enough to know that somebody out there in Cyberspace is reading this stuff. We also got a "poetic contribution" from Mike Bowen that is included in this issue. Which brings up the question of editorial policy. Meanderings didn't really have a proper birth, if you know what I mean. There was no long courtship involved, no marriage preceded the blessed event. And definitely no planning! It kind of just happened (like many of us, I suppose). With three issues under our belts, we've had a little time to think about where we're going, or more precisely, where we would like to go.

Meanderings is happy to receive and publish the meanderings of other folks. In general, we'd prefer stuff that's similar to what has appeared here already (including this issue), but there are no rules per se. Our guiding light will be, does the material force us to think critically about its subject matter. If it passes the "Hmmm...-test", we welcome it. That includes essays, short pieces of fiction and poetry. Again, no real rules and we're likely to keep changing as we grow or, if you can believe it, die. Send your stuff to

With respect to emailed commentary on what you read here, we may from time to time, as the spirit moves us, etc., publish "letters to the editor". If you don't want it printed, you should say so.

Well, now that this issue is just about done, I gotta go do my taxes (and I haven't even loaded MacInTax yet!). BTW, Coco helped proofread again! See ya soon.

Cuda Brown, Editor


Sula Reviews The Piano
Rev. Claude Jeremiah Swiff Reviews The Piano
The Integration Blues
Battle for the Soul of the NAACP
Blacks & Jews/Jews & Blacks
Hear's Some Good Music
black patches 1969 (by Mike Bowen)
Have a Nice Day

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