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Welcome to Meanderings 1.06

The box below says Meanderings is published "when the spirit moves". In this case, the spirit has been trying to move me for quite awhile. Part of the delay was appropriate, given that I spent a well-deserved week of vacation in the Caribbean. While there, the only writing I thought about was an on-line Caribbean vacation guide, complete with photos, video and cyberspace virtually real scratch n sniff so you could smell those wonderful jerk seasonings and fresh pineapple. Alas, with the beach and golf course calling me ("Oh Cuda...Come out and play Cuda...", you get the idea?), that idea will have to wait awhile.

In reality, I've mostly had a serious case of writer's block. And the weird thing is, while I've usually got several things to write about, one issue has been blocking out all the others. So rather than continue being "blocked", I've decided to put out this special issue containing a lengthy piece about Ben Chavis, Louis Farrakhan and the NAACP-hosted Leadership Summit. I hope you find this issue interesting and, despite its length, not boring. I'll try to get back to my normal Meanderings in the next issue. Talk to you soon


Cuda Brown, Editor


Black Leadership: Politics at the Precipice, Again!
Historical Perspective
Black Unity: Does it Exist? Can it Exist? Should it Exist?
NAACP "Power Struggle" & the "New NAACP"
Farrakhan, Khalid Muhammad and the Nation of Islam
Congressional Black Caucus and the "Covenant with the NOI"
Foxman, the ADL and Black-Jewish Relations
Why was Cornel West Hugging a Jew at the Summit?

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