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Contents of Meanderings 1.07

  1. Why Meander? - Notes from the Editor

  2. The Bell Curve: Conservative Manifesto - Charles Murray helps strengthen racism in America

  3. TNR Grades The Bell Curve - A Preview of The New Republic's special issue on The Bell Curve, and a recommendation to buy and read it

  4. Barry in Black and White - The "Real" significance of Marion Barry's primary victory

  5. NAACP Ousts Chavis - Following up on Meanderings #6, some notes on the reasons for and implications of the Chavis debacle

  6. Gates on Black Leadership - Writing in The New Yorker, Harvard's Henry Louis Gates, Jr. argues that the crisis of black leadership is actually a crisis for that leadership

  7. Charlie Haden: 'Risk Your Life for Every Note' - A discussion of music and the ingredients necessary to make it

  8. The United States of the Blues: On the Crossing of African and European Cultures in the 20th Century - "European-American racism has used African America as a screen on which to project repressed emotion, particularly sex and aggression." You'll have to read it to find out more!

  9. soft rap returns from the home for the sane persecuted class - a poem by mike bowen

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