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Contents of Meanderings 2.02

  1. The Death of Affirmative Action - It is now clear that affirmative action will be the wedge issue of the 1996 Presidential campaign. This article, written by a self-described "affirmative action baby," looks at the personal side of affirmative action from the vantage point of someone who has benefited from and supports affirmative action, but sees some major problems as well.

  2. Clinton & Abortion Politics: Incompetency at the White House -- Again!! - Why is another Clinton appointee twisting in the wind? Dr. Foster is in trouble because the White House, with two years of on-the-job-training, still can't get it right.

  3. What is a Politics of Meaning? - An essay on the politics of meaning, written by Michael Lerner, editor and publisher of Tikkun.

  4. Independence Day, 2001: In Which a President Finally Frees His Slave Mistress - This poem by Bill Benzon presents some startling juxtapositions of historical events in America's history, all to prove a point. And in case you're not up on your history, Bill provides annotated notes to make it all perfectly clear.

  5. Swiff on Sports - The Rev. Dr. Claude Jeremiah Swiff is a noted authority on damn near everything. In this Meandering Consversation, Claude explains what he doesn't like about Meanderings, then proceeds to fix! Will the fix last? You'll have to be the judge!

  6. Congress Dumps 4th Amendment - We're left to ponder why.

  7. Molly Ivins Takes on Texas Guns: The Quip as Concealed Weapon - Texas columnist Molly Ivins proves the pen, or in this case, the quip, is mightier than the sword. Pointy-headed liberals take note!

  8. Letters to Meanderings

Notes from the Editor

Whew! After considerable construction, the second Meanderings issue of 1995 is ready to roll. As promised in the last issue, the Web version of Meanderings is now interactive. A guestbook for providing general comments about Meanderings has been available for a couple of weeks as I write this, and has been used a fair amount already. With this issue, we are adding the ability for readers to comment directly on articles contained in this issue. We'd love to see your comments, but even more important, we'd love to see the posts provide a mechanism for active discussion among and between our readers. So please post away!!

I can assure you, the posting mechanism is only the beginning. For example, we hope to add the ability for users to create their own discussion threads. If you have suggestions for new features, we'd love to hear them via the guestbook or email.

It is possible to subscribe to one of two Meanderings email lists. One list provides subscribers with a full text version of each new Meanderings issue via email. The second list, "meanderings-w," provides subscribers with an email notice when a new issue is available at the web site.

We continue to solicit material for publication in Meanderings. Bill Benzon contributed a poem for this issue and has agreed to become a regular contributor. We've also been contacted by a few other writers, and expect to publish them in upcoming issues. If you have an idea for an article or a question about our publication poliicies, please contact us via email.

Hope you enjoy this issue.

Cuda Brown

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