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Contents of Meanderings 2.03

  1. Why the New Intellectuals Don't Cut It
    Bill Benzon suggests that if the current group of black intellectuals don't soon get some funkadelic glide in their stride, some jivometric pep in their step, there is little chance that they will produce a deep and abiding body of work.

  2. Journal of a Black Conservative
    William L. Thomas, Jr. describes his personal journey from liberal Democrat to conservative Republican. The question is, would Malcolm X vote for Phil Gramm? Hmmmm....

  3. Film Recommendation: Once Were Warriors This film about a Maori family in New Zealand has important lessons about domestic violence and taking care of business.

  4. Poetic Imagery Inspired by Rosa Parks Two inspiring poems by Joyce French, together with an illustration by Joe Williams, pays homage to Rosa Parks on the 40th anniversary of her refusal to move to the back of a Montgomery, Alabama bus.

  5. The full-size version of Joe William's excellent illustration of Rosa Parks. [107kb]

  6. Humanity and Its Society: To Tame the Beast
    Mo Berry's short story on ... well ... you'll just have to read it!

  7. Letters to Meanderings

Notes from the Editor

Meanderings continues to grow, both in subscribers and in web traffic. Visitors to the site will note the opportunities for posting comments on articles and for adding general comments about Meanderings to our Guestbook. With this new issue, we will expand the interactive element by automatically distributing posts about articles to our full subscriber list. So if an interesting discussion is taking place at the website, you'll know about it. To participate in the discussion, you can visit the website and post your message. Alternatively, you can send an email response back to the list and we'll get it back out. That takes a little longer, but we'll try to make it work.

We've changed the look of the home page a bit to make it easier to find things. In addition to links to the current and previous issues and the normal supply of buttons for subscriptions, email and the Guestbook, we've added a "What's New?" button. Select it and you'll move to a page with the latest happenings and a list of the most recently posted Guestbook and article messages. We've also added a "Posts" button which takes you to a page containing a list of all posts, segment by issue and article. You will also be able to see a list of posts for particular issues by selecting "posts" from the top page for that issue, and the posts for each article now show up at the bottom of the article.

This is all more meaningful if messages are posted. That process has started but we'd obviously like to see more of it. The idea is fully use the electronic resources at our disposal to provide new and interesting content, and to have full discussion of ideas that we and others present. So if you see something you like. Let everyone hear it. If you disagree with something, let us all hear that too!


Cuda Brown

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