Clickety Clack

Clickety clack . . . clickety clack
Bring that man's baby back. (train sounds in the background)

Clickety clack . . . clickety clack! . .
I want my spirit back.

Clickety Clack!

Bubble music being seen and heard on Saturday night
Blinding the eyes of ones that's supposed to see!
Bubble music, being played and showed, throughout America.

Clickety clack . . . clickety clack . .
Somebody's mind's got off the goddamn track!
(applause, shouts of agreement and encouragement)

Clickety clack . . . clickety clack . . .
Won't somebody bring the Spirit back?

You don't know about John Coltrane
And the beautiful ballad he wrote - yeah - wait a minute,
And the beautiful ballad he wrote called After the Rain.
You don't know about Lady Day and all the dues that she had to pay.

The Beatles come into the country, they take all the bread,
While police hitt'n' black and white folks upside the head.
(Rahsaan chuckles)
Tom Jones and Humpading (laughter) got everybody uptight,
They make people that can sing wan'ta get out and fight. (chuckle)

Clickety clack . . . clickety clack . . .
What is this madness that Nixon put upon us?
Clickety clack . . . clickety clack . . .
Won't someone bring the spirit back?

Who will it be? - Rahsaan - Who will it be?
It certainly won't be someone that says that they're free.
Clickety clack . . . (softer) clickety clack
(train sounds become more prominent)

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