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Ever wished you could have an all-expenses-paid two-week vacation in Hawaii with your special love? Would you like a new Lexus coupe? How about a hand-tailored outfit made of the finest fabric and styled to your specifications, with hand-made shoes and accessories? A case of fine champagne? Perhaps a first edition of Native Son autographed by Richard Wright? The guitar B.B. King used when he first recorded "The Thrill is Gone"? Of course you want these things, or something equivalent. We'd like them too, but like mama says, you don't always get what you want.

More importantly, there are those magic moments when you get what you need even though you didn't know you needed it. Poets, philosophers, artists, preachers, & musicians seek these moments out and try to capture them for all to share. Rahsaan called them Bright Moments. What's your best Bright Moment?

We invite you to share your Bright Moment with Meanderings. Get your writing chops together and tell us about it in 250 words or less. If you were going to deliver Rahsaan's "Bright Moments" rap, what moment of your own would you include? Be witty, be wise, make it up, tell the truth, but always strive to illuminate. We don't give points for word count. A master of the haiku can say it all in 17 syllables. Submit as many entries as you want.

Entries will be posted at the Meanderings WebSite. We'll publish the brightest moments in the June issue of Meanderings and we'll send a collection of Rahsaan's CDs, including Bright Moments and Volunteered Slavery, to the person who submits the moment which brings the most light to our hearts and minds. We'll also do something we can't even imagine at this time but which will reveal itself to us as you illuminate us. That's just the way it is.

To enter, all you have to do is fill out the form below with your name, an accurate and working email address, and your favorite Bright Moment. If your Bright Moment is in the form of art, video or sound, just send an email to us and we'll figure out how to handle it! All entries should be sent by midnight (p.d.t.) on Sunday May 21, 1995. Of course, the decision of the judges is final!

Editor's Note: Actually, the judges' decision was final! This contest is over. Check out the winning entry!

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