Production Notes

"The Jivometric Genius of Rahsaan Roland Kirk" was produced by the continent-spanning New Savanna Syncopators. Cuda Brown is sometimes located in Silicon Valley. Tom Rossen works out of the Chicago area and Bill Benzon hails from upstate New York. All collaboration was via computer and the net, though Bill did have one phone conversation with Cuda concerning some low-level technical matters.

Bill's graphics were created on a cheapo Macintosh. The original Rahsaan image was scanned a decade ago using Thunderscan. He picked up the photograph in the Los Angeles area at some jazz festival in the early 80s. If anyone recognizes the photo and knows who took the picture, please let us know so we can give credit where credit is due.

There is a plan to the images Bill created. The images follow the pattern of a 2-chorus improvisation on a 32-bar standard tune. Such tunes are typically in 4 sections of 8 bars each having the form AABA. Each "A" section has the same melody line and chord structure while the "B" section has a different melody and chord structure. Tunes such as "I've Got Rhythm," "A Night Tunisia," and "In a Sentimental Mood" conform to this structure, which is very common in jazz.

Since 2-bar phrases are common, Bill arbitrarily decided that each image is equivalent to a single 2-bar phrase. That means we need 4 images per 8-bar section, 16 images per chorus. Since we have 2 choruses, that requires 32 images. If you want to explore the way in which these 32 images follow the pattern of an AABA tune, start by examining the difference between images 8 and 9 (where 9 is the first image in "B" section of the first chorus), and the difference between images 24 and 25 (where 25 is the first image in "B" section of the second chorus). Note how images 13-16 pick up visual themes stated in images 1-12 while images 29-32 both continue the sequence set up in images 25-28 and contrast with them. Beyond those clues you're on your own.


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