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Contents of Meanderings 2.05

Welcome to "Squeezin' the OJ Hype!" This feature has been developed by VIBE Magazine and Meanderings to provide alternative perspectives on the hype that is the OJ trial. Our outlook is designed to be both irreverent and informative. New features will be added continually as the trial progresses, so we encourage you to visit often. As you navigate around, we encourage you to post messages in response to the articles and other features. A list of posts can be found at the end of each article and selecting the "new post?" button will permit you to add your own.

Visit the OJ Hype! Discussion Corner to engage in general discussion of the OJ Trial. The first topic addresses the gulf between black and white perceptions of O.J.'s guilt or innocence.

Squeezin the OJ Hype! Comments

Table of Contents

  1. For Marguerite Whitley Simpson Thomas
    In her first of hopefully many appearances in Meanderings, Bianca Floyd considers another Simpson. Not O.J. or Nicole. Marguerite, O.J.'s first wife. As Bianca says, it's a story of how an "around-the-way-girl" lost her man in Hollywood.

  2. Native Son: O.J. Simpson as Bigger Thomas?
    There are many parallels between the story of Bigger Thomas in Richard Wright's classic novel, Native Son and O.J. Simpson. This brief article describes that story for the uninitiated. You may even notice a striking resemblance between Bigger and O.J. in the illustration by Joshua Humphries.

  3. O.J. Who? Why I Just Don't Care!
    O.J. Simpson was one of the greatest running backs of all time, but that was a long time ago. What has he done since other than trade on his celebrity status?

  4. O.J. Simpson and the Black Male Image
    Mike Bowen explores the connections between O.J. and, among others, Willie Horton, Clarence Thomas, Mike Tyson and Rodney King. They have all been "used" to teach us some pointed lessons.

  5. Another Brother as "The Other"
    What does a midnight naked mile run have to do with O.J.? When used by Lester Kenyatta Spence to describe "The Other," it means quite a bit!

  6. The Big House Revisited
    Harlem poet Tony Medina's thought-provoking poem promotes consensus by tying together many threads from the various features. The Bigger Thomas connection is getting clearer all the time!

  7. Reflections on the Trial of the Century
    Bill Benzon takes a serious look at the life and trial of O.J. from a number of different perspectives. Among other things, he concludes the "Dream Team" ain't all it's cracked up to be!

  8. O.J. Simpson is "Falling Down"
    In his first Meanderings appearance, W. July ties Michael Douglas, O.J. Simpson and the Oklahoma City bombing together in a neat package. And in less than a thousand words too!

  9. The Three Lessons of O.J.
    O.J.'s predicament occurred because he forgot who he was and where he came from, according to Stephanie Mason. Unfortunately, he has been reminded!

  10. Twenty Questions
    The Reverend Dr. Claude Jeremiah Swiff said he had twenty questions about the O.J. debacle. Either he or we can't count, but the questions are, shall we say, interesting?

  11. Squeezin' the OJ Hype Discussion Corner
    In May 1995, well before the outcome of the trial was decided, we asked the question, "Why do blacks and whites disagree on O.J.?" At the time, poll results showed 60 percent of whites, but only 13 percent of blacks, thought O.J. was guilty. Obviously, race was and continues to be central to the O.J. trial, and this question led to, at this count, almost 700 messages. The last 10 can be found here, with links to the entire discussion. It's not to late to Join In!

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